Each day will have a focus topic presented by a keynote talk, 2-3 invited talks and 3 selected talks by experts and early-stage researchers, respectively. In the afternoons 7-8 interdisciplinary groups will work in teams separately. They will discuss formally and informally a problem to be solved with multi-disciplinary approaches. Each group will be led by one of the speakers and will contain participants with different background. The teams will present a summary of their work on the last day. Each participant will get a chance to present his/her work in a poster session to be held in the evenings and nine participants will be selected for a short talk. The jury from speakers will attend the poster presentations and will give a brief summary, feedback and comments for the poster presenters at the end of the session.

Extra out-door programs will facilitate the afternoon team works to provide an informal environment for the interdisciplinary teamworks.

Catamaran boat trip in the Danube Bend

katamaranAn active boat trip in one of the most beautiful parts of the Danube Bend region. Tour leader and professional steersmen accompany the group on the trip. At the departure point a brief explanation and training will be provided. Catamaran units are stable constructions for 6-8 people each, built of two canoes, unable to turn over. To ensure complete safety of the guests, all participants are required to wear a life vest which is provided upon departure. On arrival, guests are welcomed with refreshment drinks on the riverside.

Medieval team building competition

ijaszA team-building style competition will be organized, where participants get to use different weapons of the Medieval age. Participants will get knight clothes of different colors. Teams have to fight for points at different stations located in the Lower Visegrad Castle. The stations of the team-building competition are the following: Archery, Targeting with spear, Targeting with broadsword, Shooting with battle star, Attacking the castle wall with a trebuchet, Riding the wooden horse, Wreath throwing on the edge of sword. Refreshment drinks will be available between the stations.

Late registration deadline
15 June 2014