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22 July, First day
23 July, Second day
23 July, Third day
23 July, Third day
24 July, Fourth day
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On behalf of the organizers, Giulio Superti-Furga, Tamas Korcsmaros and Vicky Schneider, it is a pleasure to invite you to this special workshop.

In this interdisciplinary workshop advanced science is combined with informal summer activities to solve multi-disciplinary scientific questions with mostly young scientists and high-level, enthusiastic speakers. The speakers (all confirmed) will talk in the mornings about structural biology, high-throughput experimental techniques, proteomics, lipidomics, genetics screens and transcriptomics, network modelling approaches as well as network medicine & pharmacology concepts and latest results. Then, selected talks from young participants will be followed by multi-disciplinary teamworks in the afternoon. We will facilitate the latter one with special cultural and social activities (Catamaran tour on the Danube, Medieval teambuilding competition in the Visegrad Castle, etc.). Poster sessions and plenty of informal opportunities will allow the participants to discuss complex and exciting questions as well as develop new collaborations. The renaissance surroundings of the venue will match with the interdisciplinary nature of the workshop.


Understanding the molecular mechanisms which underlie cellular processes relies on unrevealing the signalling processes, networks and pathways. Similarly, modelling approaches brought by in silico systems biology have become fundamental to complement empirical approaches. In the bloom of high-throughput technologies and the proliferating OMICs it is possible to explore signalling processes to an unprecedented level by using suitable and effective integrative tools and analysis workflows. Though there are several yearly events on signalling research around the globe, very few (if any) attain a truly multidisciplinary participation (from keynote speakers to actual participants) covering all relevant disciplines.

The aim of this workshop is to offer a cross-disciplinary platform, where the major key players in the various disciplines around signalling research are actually brought together to share experiences, challenges and discuss solution, together with the participants, including early-stage scientists (PhDs and postdocs) to allow innovative thinking and basis for truly integrative and cross disciplinary future collaborations. Solving many current problems requires the mutual understanding and cooperation of researchers with different backgrounds and methods applied, and this innovative type of workshop for scientists studying in the field of signalling research represents the next step to significant advances in this field.

Late registration deadline
15 June 2014